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The Delex Protest and Section 1331


Compared with the small business owners who bid for the federal contracts the GSA Schedule holders do much better. Depending on the Delex protest of 2008, the GSA Schedules were announced as contracts, instead of delivery orders.
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Should I Debrief on a Failed GSA/MAS Bid?


Generally, the number of GSA E-buy proposal bidders is seven. Hence, the goal of a GSA Schedule holder is to get success in one among the seven RFPs. Even, just 1 among the seven will prove to be very lucrative for the schedule holder’s company.
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Federal Contracts


Grant Thorton conducted its annual survey and as part of that survey they asked respondents in the government contracting space to estimate their profit margin on Federal Contracts. The results showed a significant profit margin increase from 2010 to 2011.
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System for Award Management, popularly known as SAM, is a cost-free website, which is regulated by the Federal Government. It mainly unites the capabilities CCR, ORCA, FedReg and ELPS efficiencies.
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eBuy Tips

eBuy is an online Request for Quotation (RFQ) tool designed to facilitate the request for submission of quotation for the wide range of supplies and services listed on GSA Advantage. (A requirement for being on GSA Advantage is that the firm must have a GSA Schedule*.)
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GSA's New Green Building Certification

May 3, 2012, review for the GREEN Building Certification was released by the GSA, and will be taken as an evaluation tool, which will support the GSA to meet their basic objectives such as- constructing and maintaining competent buildings.
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GSA – Explanation of the 95 Percent Goal in E.O.

95 percent of the new project that comprises of delivery and task orders for services and products are needed to meet the green product necessities for as long as the services and products fulfill the performance necessities of the agencies. Instances of descriptions given few products presently on GSA Schedules are WaterSense, Bio Preferred, and EnergyStar.
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GSA Marketing

Once a company acquires a GSA Schedule, it is considered to be qualified to utilize the GSA Advantage. It offers successful GSA Marketing for advertising its offered services as well as products. GSA Advantage is a type of an online store, which offers numerous products and services that can be bought by the federal employees.
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