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FAR 51 Deviation


From time to time I get a call where someone asks me what the big deal is about FAR 51 Deviation? My response is always the same, for those who know how to use it, it can be a real game changer. FAR 51 Deviation remains a relatively unknown feature of a GSA Schedule that provides some level of confusion.
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Fiscal Cliff – Effects on GSA Schedule Holders


The bill President Obama has passed into law to avert the fiscal cliff dealt mostly with tax rate increases as the Bush era tax breaks came to an end. Those making more than $400,000 per year will now see their tax rates move from 35% to 39.6%, as tax rates for those with incomes less than that have been locked in for the foreseeable future.
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GSA Schedules For New Inventions


According to market survey, there are a number of products, which have been advanced by either federal or military applications. Below mentioned are some of the essential requirements to aid a firm get its particular invention on GSA Schedule.
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GSA Subcontractor Directory - Why it is important to your firm!


The GSA Primary Contractor Directory includes contact information for big business concerns, which are needed by law to build strategies and objectives for subcontracting with small firms.
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GSA Reverse Auctions


Few federal agencies utilize the reverse auction facilities to buy goods and services. A number of companies offer hosting services for the federal services. You can utilize the GSA Advantage website to look for GSA Schedule contractors who provide reverse auction facilities to various firms.
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FEMA Acquires a Number of Products From GSA Advantage


One of the most affirmative expansions is that the FEMA now is more involved with the determinations of the trusted agencies and synchronize with such firms in the reconstructing process.
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GSA – FPL Pilot Program


FPL is the fresh new pilot program for the Schedule 599-Solicitations and Publications and Schedules 520- Financial and Business Solutions. FPL means formatted price list and it is generally an excel spreadsheet, given by the GSA with a set format.
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OASIS – A New GSA Contracting Mechanism


OASIS- The primary RFP expected release time- 1 October 2012. The Contract, termed as Integrations is in the course of being altered to One Acquisition Solution for Integration Services- OASIS.
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