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Private Security and the Power of GSA Schedule 84


When I talk to prospective clients in the security industry, many don’t realize that Private Security is used by over 20 federal agencies. Some of the best opportunities are found in non-intuitive places within the federal government, not just the Department of Homeland Security.
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GSA Schedule & Wholesaling


Many firms are not aware that they can get a GSA Schedule as a wholesaler or distributor of a product. The rules for wholesalers are the same as getting any product from the manufacturer on GSA Schedule. For wholesalers that do federal procurement well this can be a multi-million dollar business.
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Federal IT Trend – IBM Hybrid Cloud


As I am sure many of you are aware in the IT space that IBM in July of 2013 purchased Dallas based Softlayer a cloud based provider for $2 Billion dollars. This was an attempt to increase IBMs presence in the cloud space placing it in direct competition with Amazon another large players in the cloud based computing space.
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Large Federal Contractor Registrations Should Not Be Overlooked


Large Federal Contractor Registrations Should not be Overlooked. I was recently talking with a client who was very excited because they were working on a subcontracting opportunity with Northrup Grumman.
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GSA Schedules Federal IT Players Have One


I had an IT professional call this week and tell me that he was thinking about retaining our firm for a GSA Schedule however he wanted to make sure it was worth the investment. His firm was going to fit on Schedule IT Schedule 70 SIN Code 132 51.
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Security Groupings and the GSA


The GSA actually has a Security Solutions Branch whereby the Federal Agency based upon which category they are looking for can have a solution tailored to fit their needs by the GSA.
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SBA New Chief / SBA Steps In


I guess this week I am going to merge two topics the SBA’s new head and how the SBA is now stepping in and getting involved as a watchdog for small businesses within the Federal Government for contracting purposes.
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IT Future Trends in Government


In October of 2013 McKinsey and Company one of the top consulting firm/think-tanks in the world issued a report called “Open data: Unlocking innovation and performance with liquid information.”
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