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Using GSA Schedules To Build Your Federal Past Performance


The Government has a fairly sophisticated past performance system (ppirs). This information is used to evaluate the “Risk Factor” that any give vendor presents to that agencies procurement/mission and therefore the Federal Government is willing to pay more to vendors with lower “Risk Factors” or better past performance. This is justifiable in FAR, although the premium for better past performance is not spelled out explicitly in FAR. The following is the Bid Scale as to how a High Ranking Naval Officer in Defense Logistics presented the value based upon his experience.
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Defense Health Agency (DHA) Chooses GSA Schedule for IT Contracts


The DHA recently chose to use the GSA Schedule system as its contracting mechanism for purchasing IT services. This will add approximately $5.4B over the next 7 years in IT spending to the GSA Schedule System. With the GSA’s new Hallways System for procuring IT services the GSA hopes to increase its federal market share and we are likely to see this trend continue with other agencies making the GSA their preferred contracting vehicle
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GSA Federal Cyber Security Initiatives


The hack of the US Office of Personal Management (OPM) has made cyber security the key IT growth area for the next 24 months. If you are in the IT industry or the IT Security industry federal contracts/spending are coming. An example of this is a $1B DHS contract awarded on Wednesday of this week to Ratheon for its DOMino program (I expect there will be many subcontracting opportunities associated with this contract).
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GSA Schedules for Distributors


We are approaching the end of the federal fiscal year (sept 30th), those of you currently not on a GSA Schedule it is too late for you to get on a schedule this year but now is a good time to think about getting on one for next year so that you don’t miss the increase in federal spending which takes place during the 4th quarter next year. The area that is most common for spending in the federal government with regards to GSA Schedule Contracts is products rather than services as there is greater activity in product buying during this timeframe as services generally more ongoing. For example a federal building is not only cleaned in the 4th quarter.
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Tips for Beginning Federal Contracting


Get Registered in sam.gov -The federal government buys billions of dollar worth of goods in what is known as a micro-purchase. Those are purchases that are under $3,000. These smaller contracts can be a great way to get your feet wet in the federal space. Half of all federal contractors initial contract is for less than $3,000.
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GSA and Contracts Under SAP


There has been a curious trend going on in the federal contracting space and small businesses. In Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) there is a purchase amount that is set-aside for small businesses only.
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GSA e-Buy Open (Market Research Tool For Procurement Officers) "How This Creates Opportunities For Small Business"


Preface: GSA e-Buy serves as a bidding bulletin board for the federal government. This bidding bulletin board is growing $8.44B federal sales in 2013 and $9.35B in sales in 2014. The federal government puts on e-Buy bid and projects they are looking to procure or accomplish that don’t warrant a massive RFQ but are more complex than off the shelf. Often times these projects fit right into the small business wheelhouse. Only GSA Schedule Holders in that SIN and only those GSA Schedule holders then allowed to bid on those procurements. The GSA has added a new twist to e-Buy that should increase its market share with federal buyers increasing opportunities for GSA Schedule Holders.
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ANALYSIS: SDVOSB Same NAICS Codes Firms with GSA vs Firms without


We have conducted an analysis of firms with the SDVOSB Certification to determine what type of an impact a GSA Schedule has on those firm’s Federal sales over a three year period.
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