GSA Schedule Contract

The federal government is the largest buyer of goods and services on the planet spending approximately $600 billion annually. GSA Schedule Contracts are a subset of that spending and the schedule program accounts for approximately $60 billion annually. This is a very large market that is overlooked by the majority of American Businesses. Out of a total 35 million firms in the US only about 30,000 or less than 1% of all businesses sell their products or services directly to the federal government. The major reason most firms do not purse federal contracts is the belief that doing work with the government will be to time consuming filled with “red-tape”. The GSA Schedule system has been designed to make working with the federal government less difficult and the results are that more than 11 million commercial products and services on listed on the GSA Schedule System. These goods are provided and services are preformed by approximately 19,000 vendors.

GSA Schedule Contract

(up to 3 SINS)


GSA Schedule Contract is your Gateway to Financial Stability

Small business owners of services, manufacturers, and vendors of supplies have to constantly survey the nature of their commercial market place. With GSA Schedules things work differently often times the federal buyer is requesting information from the vendor or purchasing directly off the vendors GSA Schedule Contract. Additionally GSA Schedules are a great way to build federal past performance which can lead to the participation of much larger contracts down the road. The following are a list of Financial benefits that can be provided by a GSA Schedule Contract.

  1. Revenue Stability – the federal government has a more predicable ordering cycle and less susceptible to poor economic conditions.
  2. Regular Flow of New customers through a GSA Advantage Listing.
  3. Contracts under certain thresholds do not require competition.
  4. Contracts are awarded hassle-free due to passing the initial GSA vetting process.
  5. The contract is transferable with the business sale and in many cases an award of a particular contract can be the reason a firm is acquired by another in the federal marketplace.


Obtaining a GSA Schedule is considered the first step in obtaining federal contracts. The GSA reviews the firms financial strength, quality of offerings and pricing before the firm is admitted onto the GSA Schedule System. This then gives a procurement officer the confidence in the firm as a more legitimate or more bonafide federal vendor. Being the solution with less risk is often a deciding factor for federal procurement officers and a GSA Schedule helps a firm demonstrate that they are the safer choice.


Advance GSA is a boutique consulting firm located in the greater Cincinnati are of Northern Kentucky. We specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses do business with the federal government. As a firm in this space we attempt to price our engagements so that our clients will have positive ROI benefit for each consulting dollars spent, as only through the success of our clients are we successful ourselves. It is our belief that tailoring our products to our niche market has led to our clients success and is the reason approximately 30-40% of our business comes from the referrals of past clients.

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