How to grow your business with a GSA Schedule

A GSA Schedule is regarded as the best first place to start when analyzing whether or not your firm should get into federal contracting. This is because a GSA Schedule Contract is a government wide contract also known as a GWAC that gives your firm the ability to efficiently do business with almost all federal agencies. There are approximately 20,000 firms that have gone through the process of obtaining and maintaining a GSA Schedule and these firms do on average 1 million dollars in annual federal sales while also providing inroads for making contacts within federal agencies for obtaining other future contracts.

The challenge of obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract can be large for many small firms that are not well versed in government nuances. Technical mistakes can delay the application for months and also create other challenges such as future pricing. Having an experienced firm to consult with regarding your GSA Schedule application will save you time and on a cost benefit basis money as well. In addition experienced help in the negotiation process with the GSA can help insure your firm has a profitable relationship with the federal government. We assist firms in the GSA Application Process, help firms make modifications to their contracts down the road as well as provide marketing support services to our clients. This is why our clients have been awarded over 1 billion dollars in Federal Contracts.